Sunday, 11 August 2013

New Writing (2 Poems)

Joke About Car Engines
It was clutching, full moon glow,
breathing headlights, ruby-red,
park our cars along the roadside,
by the uneven fenceposts, by the rusting twine,
watch the dust-dew, starry-eyed cascade.

Hands rhythmic, sweating clear and cold,
tapping on the windshield tinting,
rubber and steel between us and a four-foot
fall to the ground, rolled around in darkness:
something I wish.

There was cowardice and cutting license cards,
trembles of breath beneath the drive-in light;
it became of itself, thought to say anything,
oh, and never could be done, though,
by the end, it was known.


Skin of a wax mask,
sweating plastic cups,
drawn tight, hour after hour,
deeper and deeper, pores and freckles,
exploding with lacquer-grease finish.

This is the light's perishing, kept alive
by tubes and knobs, pins and switches;
farmers in formers ages had been correct,
never meant for this time, never meant

to be so defiant.

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