Sunday, 8 September 2013

2 New Poems

Caffeine & Wandering

The sky was painted grey-cap snows,
tumbling leaf-fall ground bucket-soaked
from permafrost delusion and elder indifference,
as silence traced the dawn hours, washed
linen light falling through cracked kitchen tile.

Taste of tea with sugar-honey, pieces bread
and biscuit caught between teeth tone,
faces seen in coughing fit on Greenbriar
cliffs; missing past, two trains passing red time,
there was little more to say.

Of a kind with pink lip, curled hair,
talking nervous postulate, dead-eyes passioned,
seeking some shelter's regard, umbrellas
unfurling to drip-drab cross rain,

changing pace as salt-spray.

Postcard Moments

Numb bone ice-stewing beneath useless logged
cloaks, standing on world's edge atop
the Moher's cliffs misty, as wanderer to fog,
last line of country's end became clear.

The ocean sprayed a briny belligerence, coughing
up a morning's charm bell, surrounded in all
directions by the rain-suited men, tarps flapping
about in faint ridicule, hiking boot step above.

Muddy plish-plosh, distant rain gutters gurgle
crossing tunes on the unpresent trumpets,
traces faint as ghostly graves from
Ottawa street-corners trudge memory up.

Cut through the step-up sawhorse, past
the electric wires and Private Property signs,
seeing downward to watery entomb; vertigo
set itself a bit, height crashing as ever.

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