Tuesday, 20 May 2014

2 New Poems

A Charming Char

The flash-flicker you see from yards afar,
lights meld in shotgun splay, blister case
and fine crystal shape, wishing to join in
its watery sunset smokes.

Oh, you never did, in finger-shapes cool as
Arctic storm, hesitant embraces our only reward.

Asleep in the midday's sun spatter, black shoe leather
bothered in half-glint beneath the treetops' green thrushes
there is a sending of new day's fire signal, hoping
it would be returned to times in naive youth,

when you longed to be lit aflame for someone else's
warmth and life's smouldered kindling.

Slipshod Anchors

Water clung to speckled coat, the fish skin I grew
in years and years ago, scale and gill build plans,
to keep in swimming safe.

Damp, we don't think of ourselves ten years from today,
the same attractions half-coloured from pastel memory,
we realize the concrete of place names.

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