Wednesday, 3 September 2014

2 New Poems

Different Kinds of Red

The sultry sweat of half-ripe Hamburg
chalk dust sketches sickly sweet
in weeknight half-power caution blinkers
through smeared lipstick windowpane pallor:
the shade some purse-pin upon you.

The moonshone crest of last emperor's lanterns,
pointed pen shapes of capsized myth
cling in tight constriction as
Snow White song in dead-end pale cheek:
the splotched paints picked out in hasty youth.

The flickering lighthouse guidance to
weary whiskey-hollowed traveler’s eye,
tempting warmths of discounted plane tickets
and kosher wine-stained confession:
the sort of gel light I held you in.

Lake Breeze

The constellation clouds in off-pink
shade of deep new day's warming
pitch the half-hung crescent moon's smile
to hesitant accord with solemn-sat driftwood,
with light-catching marble stone of private property signs.

The endless provincial crashing of waves in
sandbar echo a thousand currents past, as always
they have in steely haze of warn blue plank's
painted notion fences, in reflected temperance
to a paving brick beautification initiative.

The controlled salt-stammer, flattened grey
rook rock in same pale fashion as
late summer's swallowing sky, the impassioned
longings lick up as stray bonfire sparks,
stick as unhelpful as stray sole sand grain.

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