Friday, 2 January 2015

1 New Poem

Ideals For Living

The handwritten shape of penthouse windows,
shaving light, soapstone carving knife
tumult of consecration curtain flap
upon the scene of city's midnight:
the capital kind of living.

A cracked screen slit of bicycle wheel
clatter on pavement funded by
downtown restoration committee dollars
perched in the abandoned brewery shadows:
the provincial sort of living.

Shaded cool, reflection of purpose-built
airport glass facade, tailoring shoes
to the globalized tick-tock of
AP wires on runway tram payphones:
the disconnected kind of living.

Mantelpiece portrait in hearth flicker framing,
the tortured run of boned finger across
skin still supple with springtime's fancy,
but too wise by the cold for youthful folly:
the closer sort of living.  

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