Sunday, 9 August 2015

1 New Poem

Kinder Words

I am wearied by all this just talking politely,
these Victorian vagaries of restraint, temperance
leavened with pint glasses, with half-steps
to mannered worldliness, to suit jacket sophistication
to cold cover made in confidence.

Wishing to crash against as South Pacific storms,
confront in steel shaping the drawing room distinctions
between our tics of movement made in absentia,
cabinet decisions we make collective, and
the deeply uncooled passion of placard placement slogans
beyond Downing door frame.

They'll be soon starting in
with the kebab shop clatter,
an eager retrenchment sandbagging
various laments stolen in hour
unspent on treetop dawns,
champagne spills fizzing

and made to so much mulch by
untalented tongue.

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