Monday, 13 January 2014

1 New Poem


Hair of auburn curl, summer dewy night wishes,
those cat calls half-remembered, unmade beneath
a teeth colour you kept in tone; as
unpainted a ceramic piece as I, but filled
in better of curve clasping line, and breathing in.

Shoulder-length apology, echoing among the hither-hills,
picture you in rivers' lauded depth, in the
salutations of salty brine I down-take in your
absence, in the mud-splash patterns on bus windows
I stare out with my bags and bushel packs, breathing out.

Patience in winter's jacket warmth, you are as moonlight
in lily meadows, as springtime shadows' maple hangings,
you are the whirl of lights in Belfast, the tempo-keeping
feet of dress-shoed men and chapping lipstick,
you are the drunken cobblestone stumble, breathing in.

Waiting, waiting, always waiting, I am bloodied by
time ticking, I am a shivering figure at the
Rideau stoplight, I am an overburdened pack rat,
collection of traded junk bonds coming up to ear height,
I am your mirror, in wishes, in dreams, breathing out.

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