Saturday, 6 August 2022

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Linoleum Scars

Touching kitchen floor,
you airs felt of psalm:
to unravel, tracing night
mist, unworthy rulings that made
a lie of all this civil pretense,

all this useless rib cage mending
that makes wine-water bitter,
throws out breaking bathwater,
stills the swirl of reckonings deep.

Memory looms, cicada chirp background,
brush of hair in old breeze,
as I take the first cursing

breaths, longing for ache to end
and be put away, war medals

in the chest for another month’s march.

Sunday, 17 July 2022

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Glass Panels

Stare through the water,
looking broken, half-awake,
starving for lightness again,

The wick-dipped scent of old
days, wood chips and mould,
floors tilted with rot.

Cool and boiling at once,
pouring sweat at night when
stars would creek as city breaths;

I was strawberry-headed then too,
unlike a beaten, loose tooth
spectre that haunts about

Rapping chambers for those moments
when actors look again like
old school friends standing by.

Then calculate the rise-run
of beef and petrol, space between
bearing loss and one felt.

Stop to admire the wooden
lampshade, crossing winds
through dry grass.

Thursday, 21 April 2022

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Stillness Moving

Moon breath crept across
lawns in early space;
singing places stop-started
their warbling shake,
dove through a
wounded step lifetime.

Under far western skies,
you swept me up in finery,
promised the world not as
printed page tone, but in
full-flowering colour; belief
in nothing so much as together.

Placebo for the arsenic gold:
words shifting more fleeting,
stretched thin to bone, cold
in light of crooked day,
with boxes and book carriages
to fill space.

Monday, 11 April 2022

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 Not Being Here

On a Thursday, I was lost in
bar chord bash, rushing through
clock spit with you;

I had a lost head them, a
pendulum bolt from fast to
slow, running down hours.

In the ticking, I heard causes
once sacred, hearts aflame
I could not hope to cross

Again through this quilt stitched
of broken glass, memorial wheels,
in the same fashion as before

When worse my speech, but
better the laughter.

Saturday, 9 October 2021

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A Tale of Clocktowers

It was striking,
match and bell the same:
light stood fallow,
frost on misted shore,

That sunshine broken
in memory, cast iron
caging left wrought
marks against skin.

That time traced along
line (lonesome figure,
town square middle)
was so glass bottle

Cast away from now,
that glory clockface I
spend digital hours typing,
running against together

Tie, waiting for mercy
yet to come.

Friday, 23 July 2021

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Wheel Spokes

Crunch-clatter of paving stone
leading me back again,
back to bicycle lane and
back to well-worn excuse,

That I could not find
fog light of shining memory
to take a better path than
one inscribed in blood numbers.

I took to sins of flesh
and fabric like they were
restive faces in crowded life,
then thrown like glitter

Against blaster canvas
I left in wake, solid
steel, regretted waste,
breaking voice that cut.

Sunday, 4 July 2021

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Rushing abandon,
the banality of lightness,
coffee commercial banter
chattering through clasped
teeth, avoidance of bones
and birthing ghosts.

Carried same pocket brass,
took the long way around
concrete bends, used screen
door slam to soundtrack
light frost touches on lip,
settled way down in patched leather.

Rust hinge shut,
that old thing is no longer
so brutal, so bloody beating
a heart to have and hold
but one strong thing shining:
light bleaching morning curtain.